Obiká Restaurant Toronto

We love cheese! We love Mozzarella di Bufala a lot! Can you imagine Mussarela di Bufala DOP? Which means… the mozzarella follows certain rules and meets particular standards and the result is an amazing delicious soft and light and creamy cheese.

To try this yummy cheese we went to the restaurant Obiká, in Toronto, and we were not disappointed. The food was perfect and the service was unbelievable. Maybe we got a little lucky that there was nobody else there, the waiter was so nice, we had great conversations, he ended up bringing a bigger dessert portion and a super fresh pesto for us to try, so it was great. (We went back there this weekend and it was not the same customer service experience, but it was good too. Maybe just not great.)

Well, let’s get on with the pictures. Let’s start with the Mozzarella di Bufala Tasting Plate. You can try the three different types of mozzarella they have. It’s great. I won’t order it every time we go there, but it’s worthy to try once. My favourite is definitely the Burrata, the creamy one in the picture below:

Pic by Lu. WOW Tables.

I had this homemade pasta with this absolutely delicious tomato sauce – Schiaffoni di Gragnano.

Pic by Lu. WOW Tables.

Husband ordered the basic Pomodoro pizza (he always orders this when it’s the first time he goes to an Italian restaurant. It’s his point of reference) and he was not disappointed:

Pic by Lu. WOW Tables.

Then the unforgettable Torta di Ricota for dessert. Important: this ricota is made from the Mozzarella di Bufala and it’s absolutely delicious!

Pic by Lu. WOW Tables.

With this perfect Espresso…

Pic by Lu. WOW Tables.

And after we couldn’t barely breathe, Giovanni – the waiter, brought us this fresh and delicious pesto to try (but here, I have to give my husband some credit, his pesto is much better…)

Pic by Lu. WOW Tables.

Great experience. Great food. Great price ($130 without tips and we had two glasses of wine on top of everything else). So definitely, worth a visit.



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