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Alex Restaurant

Husband and I had dinner at Alex Restaurant, in Burlington ON.
I visited their website before and didn’t get super excited as there are not many vegetarian options, but I wanted to try it anyway. Maybe I got too distracted with this fact and didn’t pay attention to the ‘Small Plate Fine Dinning’ tab that is right on the home page. So at first, I got a bit disappointed because the portions are small and the price is not… But you know what? We don’t need more than that. And being a big advocate of the idea that ‘more’ doesn’t mean better, specially when it comes to food, I left the restaurant feeling pretty good about the sizes of the portions.

I usually don’t go for a starter because I’m a sweet tooth and I always want to try a dessert, and no regrets at all here. But let’s start with the beginning. I had a House made Gluten-Free Gnocchi with Sea Scallops, Roast Tomato Ancho Sauce and Spinach Pesto ($16), which was good, but I have to admit that no gnocchi is better than my grandma’s. The scallops were amazing though…

(Not a very good) Pic by Lu. WOW Tables.

Husband had Braised Short Ribs with Wild Mushroom Lasagna and House Crisps. He liked it a lot, but wasn’t crazy about it. “Very crispy chips”, he said.

Pic by Lu. WOW Tables.

Perfect desserts! Not too bitter not too sweet amazing lime pie and a chocolate cake with home made marshmallow that I had no idea marshmallow could be this good!

Pic by Lu. WOW Tables.

Oh, I was almost forgetting to mention that the service was very nice. The young woman who served us was calm, and attentive.

We’ll go back.