The real, the outstanding, the delicious…

Macarons! (Not macaroons, please).
The most traditional French delicacy that feels like heaven in your mouth.

I was so surprised to learn (one week after it was gone! Lucky me) that there is a Macaron Day in Toronto! But that’s ok. No problem. Fresh batches are still going to be there, waiting for us, one week, one month, one year after this special event.

There is a web page dedicated for this day, where you can find a list with all the places this little delish can be found.

We went to cute La Bamboche and absolutely loved what we tried (well, we tried one of each). They were absolutely delicious. The merengue shells were soft but crispy and all the different fillings oh… can’t tell which one was my favourite! Well… maybe I can… the pistachio one was mouth-watering!

I love macarons. It’s for sure one of my favourite desserts. I still couldn’t find a cute little coffee shop like the ones you can find in Toronto that sells macarons here where I live (outside of Toronto), but I was happy to try the macarons from Whole Foods the other day. Yes… Whole Foods. They were very delicious too, and it’s ok for me in bringing them home and having them on my cozy couch with a good cup of tea.

Pic by Lu

Pic by Lu

If you haven’t tried, you will love when you do.